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Easy swing golf can help you have more fun playing golf.

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Golf Fun for Everyone

Jon White - Thursday, September 05, 2013

The thing I love about my work as a golf coach is the vast range of age groups that I get to teach with my youngest prodigies being 3 years of age to my oldest students being almost 90.

How many other physical games offer such longevity?

As adults we can learn so much from watching kids play sport.

Over the last year I have been coaching a couple of 3 year olds how to play golf.

By making their learning of golf fun they want to keep coming back, so I let my creativity flow by introducing them to different skill tests throughout the golf lessons.

This can range from whacking a punching bag or cardboard box with a baseball bat to rolling a ball along a piece of wood directed towards a hole, to smashing down a well constructed tower made out of Birdie Balls with their miniature golf club.

I have seen these 3 year olds not only improve their hand eye coordination skills but also noticed their attention span expand for longer periods of time whereby the 30 minute session simply flies by.

The other things that we as adult golfers can learn from kids is that they don’t have any fear of hitting an errant shot!

You watch them next time as they attempt to hit a shot and have a complete airy.

Now unlike adults who would feel embarrassed or try and find the nearest tree to hide behind or sadly not even try golf through fear of failure, the little 3 year old simply has another swing at the ball before you can even blink.

Even if they have successive whiffs time after time they keep on swinging until they make the ball disappear forward, sometimes even backwards!

But, importantly, they have no phobia about things such as “what will others think of me if I hit a poor shot?” or “please don’t stuff this up, I don’t want to look bad!”

So the next time you are on the first tee about to play your shot in front of your playing partners or a group of people waiting to tee off behind you, try to put yourself in a childlike mindset and simply swing your club towards the ball without thinking.

You never know, the ball just might fly straight down the fairway!

And, even if it doesn't - so what? - you're out there to have fun, so enjoy it !

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