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The Better Golf Mind Zone

Easy Swing give golf lessons on how to golf better by being in the mind zone.

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Better Golf Mind Zone and Free Offer

Jon White - Sunday, July 28, 2013

Recently I completed a 5 day Zone coach training course conducted by peak performance, emotional master and presence coach, Michelle Stanton.

To say this was enlightening would be a complete understatement.

I have never experienced such a feeling of being completely at peace and present to the moment.

One of the keys to the techniques Michelle teaches is their simplicity, much the same as our philosophy for golf with Easy Swing.

Why is this relevant you may ask?

Well, you have probably heard elite, successful sports people state that they 'were in the zone' during their peak performance.

What they really mean is that they were living in the moment, with no thoughts of the past or future.

I am finding the Zone techniques extremely beneficial not only in my own game but also with my golfer students as part of my golf lessons.

As soon as we dissolve the thoughts about what you don't want to do (future) or how you feel after your last shot (past) an amazing transformation begins.

I am tremendously excited about sharing with you not only the simple easy golf swing techniques, but also simple thinking techniques to help you experience the wonders of finding your peak performance mind zone.

As part of my Zone Coach certification I have 29 FREE Zone Tool Boxes valued at $120 to give away to my golfer students.

These self management Zone tool boxes are designed for increased well being, productivity and happiness and consist of 6 MP3s and a detailed instruction manual on how to use the tools.

To be in the running for one of these Free Zone Tool boxes all you need to do is book a 1 hour golf lesson with me between now and the end of August 2013.  At the end of August I will hold a draw from those eligible to receive the 29 Free Zone Tool Boxes.

So be quick and contact me now to book your golf lesson today!

To find out more about the better Golf Mind Zone click here ->  Golf Mind Zone

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