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Easy Swing - Better Golf Mind Zone

' For this game you need, above all things, to be in a tranquil frame of mind. '

                                                              - Harry Vardon, US Golf Champion

Easy Swing's Jon White on the Golf Mind Zone:

" Since I was a teenager I have always had a strong interest in personal development.

I have invested hundreds of hours sourcing knowledge on this subject.

In 2007 I was very fortunate to meet Michelle Stanton who is a peak performance, emotional master and presence coach, as well as the author of two wonderful books: 'The Timeless World' and 'Selling In The Zone'.

I was instantly intrigued and drawn to what Michelle was teaching as it seemed to have a tremendous synergy with the ways in which I teach golf.

Having recently completed Michelle's Zone Coach Training Program, I have been using her mind zone tools and techniques on a daily basis and have noticed that I feel more confident and positive both on and off the golf course.

I believe we play golf because we enjoy it.  We can maximise our enjoyment by playing to our individual potential.  There are three key ingredients to playing to our potential - good swing technique, good equipment and a positive mindset.

Easy Swing exists to help golfers in all of these three areas and it is a privilege for me to help people by sharing my knowledge.

Ultimately my aim is to help you to better enjoy not only your golf but also life!  

Stay on the Fairway! "

Resources to Help You with Your Mind Zone

We are delighted to be an affiliate of Michelle Stanton's ZoneHigh organisation.

In addition to what we at Easy Swing can help you with directly, we also highly recommend the following Zonehigh resources to our Easy Swing golf clients.

For more information and to purchase these fantastic resources, please click on the relevant links for each item.

The Timeless World

Debunk Your Fears and Discover Heaven on Earth

Sportspeople who have experienced the Timeless World call it 'the zone'. Couples in love call it a state of 'falling deeply in love'. People in business would call this a state of exceptionally high emotional intelligence. Spiritual seekers call it enlightenment.

Many people have experienced this state at some time in their lives but are unaware of the conditions necessary for this state to arise.  Having awakened in 1995, Michelle Stanton provides the intellectual understanding required to raise your emotional intelligence and experience this magical world for yourself.  She shows you how to debunk the fears that stop you from realising your full potential

Available in two formats!


E-Book (digital download):

Click here to view more details

Downloadable MP3 Audio:

Click here to view more details

Get in the Zone

In 20 short minutes:

  • Get in the Zone
  • Relax your body, calm your mind & expand your awareness
  • Increase your productivity & effectiveness throughout the day
  • Gain clarity, creativity & focus at work & at home
  • Suitable for all ages - adults & children


Click here to view more details
Pain Free

Physical & Emotional Pain Relief, the Natural Way

Use the natural power of human attention to dissolve physical AND emotional pain within minutes

  • Proven, effective and fast-acting
  • Easy to use by adults and children alike
  • Just put the track on & allow the process to work for you
  • Through repetition, you'll learn how to apply the process without the MP3
  • Comprehensive information booklet included

Click here to view more details
Reality Check

How to See Things as They Really Are

  • Reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Improve your relationships
  • Be more positive and empowered to move forward
  • Simple and easy to use, anywhere, anytime

Click here to view more details

More Powerful than a Power Nap!

In 10 short minutes:

  • Re-charge your body & refresh your mind for another 8 hours!
  • Increase your clarity, creativity & focus
  • Simple & easy to use, anywhere, anytime
  • Suitable for all ages - adults & children
  • Comprehensive information booklet included

Click here to view more details

Sleep Well

Relax your way to refreshing sleep 

Use the natural power of human attention to relax the body and quieten the mind so that you can easily drift off to sleep.

  • Proven, effective and fast acting
  • Easy to use, just play the MP3 and allow the process to work for you
  • Suitable for all ages - adults & children
  • Comprehensive information booklet included


Click here to view more details
Selling in the Zone

Stress Free Success in Sales

This book is for you if ...

  • You are in sales!
  • You'd love to win 'The Salesperson of the Year' award in your company but don't know how
  • Fear of failure is keeping you awake at night
  • You want to be 'The Top Prospector' in your industry but picking up the phone stresses you out
  • You're already at the top of your selling profession but want to see how you can really fly
  • You've fallen out of the Zone and can't seem to get back into this powerful state of flow
  • You're very successful but experiencing early symptoms of burnout such as heart palpitations, panic attacks, anxiety driven activity, de-motivation or boredom
  • You'd love to see your sales team exceed their sales budgets without feeling pressured or stressed


E-Book (digital download)

Click here to view more details

A Day in the Zone!

The Self-management toolbox for increased wellbeing, productivity and happiness!

Stop to think about those days when everything just 'clicks' for you - days when you find yourself in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing!

The way you feel on those days is the way that successful people achieve extraordinary levels of success in all areas of life.

In our world there are talented people (like us) who often win at their chosen field and beat their competitors on a regular basis.

Then there are champions who take it that one step further.

If you are interested in being a champion in life, enjoying every moment and performing at your peak without feeling stressed or pressured, take this first step into the Zone by using these powerful tools.

These 5 tools will put you in the Zone and help you work and live in this wonderful state of being for 'a day', every day!

The tool box includes:

  • A comprehensive, step by step manual (pdf)
  • Zone Poster (pdf)
  • An introductory MP3 explaining the Zone and how to use the tools (mp3)
  • Get in the Zone (mp3)
  • Pain Free (mp3)
  • Reality Check (mp3)
  • Re-Energise (mp3)
  • Sleep Well (mp3)


Click here to view more details