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Easy Swing Golf as featured -

Pain Free Golf - It's Possible!

Don't let pain stop you from enjoying or even playing golf.

Using our simplified golf techniques, we have helped people with all sorts of physical limitations to continue to play and enjoy golf without pain.

Arthritis, hip, back, knee, ankle, shoulder problems - we have helped people with all of these ailments.

Watch what seasoned golfer Neil has to say:


About four years ago when I first moved onto Easy Swing I had reached the point whee I couldn't play any longer - I had just so much soreness in my hips and knees and ankles.

And I had been a good golfer, I had played for a long time, I was a single figure player, but I couldn't play anymore.

Now I have converted to Easy Swing, now I can play everyday of the week ... and the soreness is all gone, I'm just rapt in it!

Here's what Carolyn, a beginning golfer, had to say:

I first picked up a club one year ago, wondering if I would be any good.

I have major knee problems and bursitis in my shoulders, so I have been excluded from most sports.  I wondered if I could cope swinging a golf club on a daily basis.

Before I started the Easy Swing, a friend of mine showed me the interlocking grip - it didn't feel natural or strong.  I went to my first clinic with Jon White in November 2010 and learnt the Easy Swing technique.  The grip felt really good - I can swing a softball bat or a hammer naturally and the grip Jon showed me was very similar.  The swing is simple and I can practice anywhere.

I joined a club in August 2011 and played my first competition game in October 2011 with a 45+ handicap and won.  I have since played in 5 competitions and registered 3 more firsts and 1 minor placing.  Better players commented on how straight my shots were for a beginner.  My handicap is now 26 and dropping.

I have no pain in my shoulders or knees from playing.  I am to be 'A' grade next year and feel that is achievable.

I would recommend the Easy Swing and equipment to anyone.


Let us help you to get back in the swing.

Experience the joy of pain free golf.

Register for a golf lesson today!


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