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Jon White is a AAA Accredited Professional Golf Coach (AAA is the highest standard in industry).

In over 20 years of coaching, Jon has coached thousands of golfers.

Jon is passionate about golf and getting more people playing and enjoying the great game.

This is the heart of his philosophy - golf is a game and it should be enjoyable to play!

His methods do not focus on perfecting complex techniques that require lots of practice - most people do not have the time nor the desire to do this - and Jon firmly believes there is an easier and better way.

Jon focuses on guiding you, whatever your age or golf skill level, with some simple techniques designed to quickly resolve any problems you may be experiencing so that you can get out on the golf course and enjoy yourself.

Give Jon a call, shoot him an e-mail or fill out the booking form below and let him show you how you can enjoy your golf!

Golf Mythbusters

At Easy Swing Golf we believe that there are too many myths about how to play golf which just make it harder and less enjoyable than what is should be.

Watch our professional golf coach Jon White bust one of these golf myths below - that you must watch the ball to hit a good shot.

Let us show you an easier way to play golf, which will make playing more enjoyable.

Contact us now so we can help you to get out there enjoying the great game of golf.

World No. 1 Golfer was Going to Quit

That's right, World Number One Golfer Jason Day (Go Aussie) recently revealed how close he was to quitting the game back in 2011 as he was not enjoying the game!

"I really wanted to quit the game", Day said. "I wasn't having a good time on the golf course."

Jason's 'team' eventually convinced him to play in the Masters at Augusta National that week and he came runner up to Charles Schwartzel.

It's a shame that even the world's best players suffer from not enjoying their golf at times, particularly considering how they poured their hearts and souls into a game that they have devoted thousands of hours to!

Are you enjoying your golf at the moment? Could you be enjoying it more?

Give Jon a call, shoot him an e-mail or fill out the booking form below and let him show you how you can enjoy your golf!

See the interview with Jason Day below:

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