Golf’s Misconceptions

Golf is full of misconceptions and swing TIPS !
Golfers will often believe anything that is told to them by YouTube, their fellow playing partners and even some coaches.
My role as a golf coach is to help you understand that the golf swing is a motion that confirms to the laws of motion. Once you understand this you will be able to ignore golf tips forever !
Here is a list of some of the common misconceptions to be aware of
You Must Grip the Club Firmly – I was guilty of this as anybody. I thought that I had to hold on tightly to the golf club in order to control it. The only thing I accomplished was to tense the muscles in my hands, forearms and shoulders.
Ignore articles and people that say you must hold on firmly with the last three fingers of your left hand or the middle two fingers of right hand. Hold the club no more firmly than you would a butterfly or baby. You need soft hands to play better golf.